TThe  Olympics Of Molosser Shows
              All new for 2010
Molosser Shows will be held in conjuction with the ABI
                            The Working Dogs
        My eyes are your eyes to watch and protect you & yours
       My ears are your ears to hear & detect evil minds in the dark
      My nose is your nose to scent the invader of your domain

              And as you may live my life is also yours


Pictured to the Left Working Dog Trainer Earl Graham Winner
Bronze and Silver Medals for his SAB ( pictured and his FILA SAO
Who said working dogs cant win a Dog show?? Not Earl

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                                           Each dog club is a reflection on its founders.
Mr. & Mrs. Vincenzo De Palma . Whom run the biggest, most organized successful Molosser Shows in US for 3 Yrs History based on 1 concept & 1 concept alone ~ 
                              Molossers Rule the World - Dogs that do it ALL! - Dogs of the Future.
This the De Palma's prove  with the breeding, working , testing & showing of all their dogs.
These effective Ancient Workings dogs by nite, have the *potential to be stable family members by Day
& once in a while taking a weekend off of work , to work harder or to win a dog show.
They are not just "working dogs" or just "showdogs" they are MBA Working dogs of Excellence.
Who gather once at year at the Molosser Olympics to bring home the Gold for the USA & Canada.
MBA Feels that dogs need to be stable, mannerly ,healthy dogs to live today's society.
By educating the public on the correct training & work these breeds need to make them Super Dogs of the Future dogs that that can put a stop to BSL vs ADD to it.  If you feel dogs can do it all come join us in a show unlike any other the Olympics of Molosser Shows.
*potential means dogs need to be worked and socialized to be Stable. Ask for Proof of a dogs inherited Stability
AAchievement is largely the product of raising one levels of aspirations & expectations . Jack Nicklaus
Wiiner SAb
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Updated: 6/29/2006
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Gold Medal Obedience FF Dante
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